Volunteer Highlight: Toetie Oberman

Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest (LSS-SW) depends on and is blessed by the dedication of volunteers such as Toetie Oberman. She started volunteering with us in the early 90s, helping others through the suicide prevention hotline. This is her 7th year of faithfully serving as a Board Member. She also provides hands-on service to clients, conducting weekly English classes and occasionally serving meals to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Toetie relates very personally to the situations faced by the people she helps serve. As a ten year-old, she watched the German army march into the Netherlands, her home. "I have the privileged experience of poverty and danger, which many middle-class Americans don't have."

"Toetie gleefully works with refugees to give one-on-one ESL tutoring," notes Kimberly Brown, job retention specialist with Refugee Focus. "She is dedicated to helping pre-literate refugees with reading, mathematics, employment vocabulary and American culture. Toetie is a wonderful asset in helping refugees become independent."

"Volunteering is great! It's a growth experience and very rewarding," Toetie says.
Toetie is a member at Dove of Peace, Tucson.