The Creating Community Society

A special group of people (just like you and me) who light lives

elevate your giving

The Creating Community Society demonstrates an extraordinary level of commitment and compassion for our community. Your leadership sets the example and inspires others to join us in providing vital services to Arizona’s most vulnerable through our mission of showing kindness, doing justice and serving those in need. 

The creating community society provides ongoing, operational support

Creating Community Society Members' make a five year pledge of $1,000 or more per year. These vital funds support the greatest needs of LSS-SW, enabling you to make a greater impact to build foundations, preserve dignity and, stabilize lives.


Interested in Joining?

If you have questions, or are interested in joining the Creating Community Society, call Deborah Hutterer at 480-396-3795 ext. 102, or click the button below to initiate your membership. We will be in touch to get you started and welcome you to our next special member gathering. 

Current Member with questions?

If you'd like to make an online payment toward your Creating Community Membership, click the button below. If you have questions about your pledge or a payment, call Joanna Kitts at 480-396-3795 ext. 121. No question is too much trouble, and we love hearing from you. 

Creating Community Society Members

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Lynn and Shawn Aiken*
Marlene Andersen*
Richard Andersen*
Don and Violet Anderson
Karen and Glenn Austad*
Alden Awerkamp
Jayne Baker*
Karen and KJ Bamford*
Caren Barrientos*
Kenneth and Joyce Bash*
Chris Bauer*
Nancy and Doug Besemer*
Stephen Beyer
Gloria and Archie Burke*
Ann Cecchini
Jim and Virginia Cleven*
Dominique Dancause*
Elizabeth and Scott Danielson*
Curt Davis
Bryan and Karen Dewitt
Sharon and Ken Dobbs*
Bob and Marilyn Duea*
Rod and Janelle Engel*
Terri and Richard Ewert*
Rob Eyer*
Susan and James Fissell*
Jim and Jane Gisselquist*
Carol Halverson*
Doug and Gail Hamp*
Steven Holm*
Deborah Hutterer*
Don and Adel Irwin*
Richard and Glenda Jessen*
Ted and Marietta Johns
Doug Johnson
Glen and Kathy Johnson*
Karen Johnson*
Ann Jones*
Troy and Christine Justesen*
Sandi Kilkuts*
Elaine Kraemer
Melissa Lagreid*
Dean and Elaine Lewellen
Curtis and Carol Linke*
Don and Bev Locke*
Dick and Stephanie Loesch*
Jim and Ruth Lundeen
John Long and Suzanne Mead
Trudy and Russ Miller
Donna and John Montfoort
Jeff and Laura Musfeldt*
Karen Novachek*
Ken and Susan Nyhusmoen*
Toetie Oberman*
Stephanie Petrilli*
Connie Phillips and Randy Eary*
Paul and Deanna Phillips*
Sue Privett
Monica Rabb
Chris and Jannelle Radoccia*
Linda and Rich Radwick*
Barb Rapp*
Julianne and Craig Rethwill
Connie Roberts-Sable
Eddie and Sandra Robinson*
Evan and Kathleen Rogers*
Ormal and Margie Saathoff*
Glenn Schrader and Ted Adams*
David and Pam Smith
Mary Jo Schroeder*
Ward and Nancy Simpson*
Gordon Sims* 
Don and Mary Smith* 
Daniel Smith*
Jeanette and Gary Smith
Jeremy Smith*
Spirit of Joy Men’s Group*
Kenneth and Judy Stacey*
John and Judy Stieve*
Bill and Cynthia Stuart
Jenny and Bo Tatum
Chong Bee and May Vang*
Nancy Warnecke
Elaine Waxman*
Connie Wilhelm*
Karen Wilson*
Nancy Zine

* Founding Members
Updated 5/14/18