Refugee & Immigration Services

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"LSS-SW gave us a stepping stone that helped us stabilize and start living again. There have been many challenges. But there were so many people to help us. We have worked very hard to become a part of the fabric of what it means to be American."

- Petrit, former refugee

For more than thirty years, LSS-SW has served some of the world’s most persecuted people living right here in Tucson and Phoenix. Violence and armed conflict chase millions of people from their homes, their families, and their countries, forcing them to seek safety in other countries around the world.

Honoring a proud identity as a nation of immigrants, the United States has welcomed refugees and asylees throughout its history. Every year, the President and the State Department identify global regions in which people have an exceptional need for protection outside of their home countries. These refugees and asylees are then invited to resettle in the “land of opportunity,” in a nation that cherishes the value of uplifting the oppressed.

With volunteers and community Welcome Teams, LSS-SW builds self-reliant foundations for approximately 1,000 refugees each year.

Our services include:


Welcome refugees in arizona

Learn about unique ways that you can welcome refugees in Arizona. Read about hosting a Welcome Team, donating household furniture, advocating, and more. 




In your business, you strive for economic competitiveness, workforce development and diversity, and a healthy local economy. Learn why hiring a refugee might be the right decision for you.