Hire a Refugee

In your business, you strive for economic competitiveness, workforce development and diversity, and a healthy local economy. That's why hiring a refugee could be the right decision for you.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Refugees

A client celebrates earning her first paycheck.

A client celebrates earning her first paycheck.

  1. Refugees are legal residents, authorized to work and qualified to pass e-Verify.
  2. Hiring through us can reduce your recruitment cost.
  3. Refugees have diverse skills and backgrounds. According to your needs, our clients' skills are matched to your vacancies. 
  4. Free to you, we provide interpretation services for interviews and training.
  5. Potentially receive the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.
  6. Benefit from high retention rates.
  7. Language training is available for hires not yet fluent in English.
  8. As individuals and employees, refugees are adaptable, resilient, and motivated to succeed. 
  9. Hiring refugees increases workplace diversity and demonstrates commitment to corporate citizenship. 
  10. It's good for the economy. Numerous studies have shown that refugees and other immigrants help grow the economy by buying houses, starting businesses, and paying taxes. 

Get started:

Our employment specialists prepare refugees to enter the workforce ready-to-succeed, and help answer your questions along the way. Contact us to get started:

In Phoenix: Siyeni Yitbarek, hire@lss-sw.org, 602-248-4400 x 127

In Tucson: Mukadesa Muftic, mmuftic@lss-sw.org, 520-714-4444 x11