Delivering Nutrition and Community to Homebound Seniors

A nutritious meal, a warm smile and a safety check helps keep 2.5 million seniors healthy, safe and living independently in their own homes each year. Luminaria, a program of Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, collaborates with the Pima Council on Aging to deliver nutritious meals to homebound individuals over the age of 60 who are  residents of Pima County.

After her husband passed away, Edna found herself dealing with deteriorating health alone. Her doctor referred her to Meals on Wheels. Her health began to improve shortly after she started receiving the nutritious meals. Not only was Edna able to gain weight back and feel better, now she has a "friend" that visits her twice a week! She loves knowing someone will be there to check on her every Monday and Wednesday. Edna very appreciatively states "I love the food, I love the staff and I love Meals on Wheels!"

A year’s worth of home-delivered meals costs less than one day in the hospital.