Family SPOT Makes a Difference

Family SPOT, a division of Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, operates Family Resource Centers, in collaboration with First Things First, to partner with families raising children birth to 5 years old. The Centers offer resources through developmental playgroups, parenting classes, and connections to community resources. Your support can provide books for children, tuition reduction for parents in class, and education for parenting trainers.

To learn more about Family Spot and available play groups in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert or Queen Creek contact: 602-714-0078 or

We would like to share with you some real-life stories of families who have been positively impacted by Family SPOT:

Krishna and Anirudh

When Anirudh was 15 months old, Krishna decided to stay home to raise her son and not miss his childhood. To help with her transition, she attended a nurturing Parenting Class at the Gilbert Resource Center, where she learned about Family SPOT. Since then, she began attending Family SPOT's Messy Play Dates and Parent Education Classes, in addition to visiting Family SPOT play groups.


Kristine is a single mother who was homebound due to illness. Last Christmas, Family SPOT staff delivered a holiday meal and gifts purchased from a donation from Hidden Treasures, a Lutheran thrift store. Kristine was very depressed and had little hope for her life at that time. Her son was placed through protective services with her mother for kinship foster care.

A Family SPOT Program Coordinator began building a relationship with Kristine, who then reached out to us for aparenting class. She managed to overcome transportation issues to attend. She had found something to fight for - custody of her son. By the final class, her mother, who had o ften criticized Kristine's parenting skills, had complimented her on the changes in parenting she was making as a result of Family SPOT training.