The Christmas season does something rare and beautiful. It softens lines that sometimes divide, revealing all we have in common. Joy in tradition. And hope for a peaceful world. 

A Global Day of Giving

We have two days for getting deals - Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On Giving Tuesday, we have a day for giving back. Together, people are creating a new ritual for our annual calendar. Giving Tuesday is the opening day of the giving season: a reminder of the gifts we get to share with others.

Every act of generosity counts, and each means even more when we give together. Giving Tuesday includes people of all ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. Together, millions of people demonstrate our common capacity to give. Make your gift in honor of Giving Tuesday today!

Help us reach our total goal of $30,000 on November 27 in order to continue providing critical services like refugee resettlement, foster care, emergency food & shelter, and home care for older adults.