Get Started

1. Please review the information available on our website to make sure you are a good candidate for a Welcome Team.

2. Identify a leader of your Welcome Team who will be the main point of contact between LSS-SW and the team. 

3. Complete initial interest form (Click here for Phoenix and here for Tucson) and a staff person will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. You will get more detailed information about how the program works and answers to questions you might have. 

4. Attend a second meeting to complete paperwork.

5. Schedule a team orientation where we will cover:

  • Our Mission

  • Welcome Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Steps in the Process

  • Expectations and Boundaries

  • Enabling vs. Empowering

6. Designate 3-5 team members to receive a fingerprint clearance card. At least 1 person with fingerprint clearance must be present for every interaction with the refugee family or individual. (Fingerprint clearance cards typically take up to 6 weeks to process.)

7. Wait to be assigned to a refugee family. Each team is matched with a refugee family that typically arrives in 2-3 weeks after your orientation and paperwork has been completed. 

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