Please follow the steps below to obtain your Level One Fingerprint Clearance card:

  1. Go to the website: 
  2. Sign in to the secure online system to schedule a fingerprint appointment.
  3. Select the reason to be fingerprinted: Regular Application โ€“ Volunteer or Student
  4. Select the reason you are applying: DES DAAS per ARS ยง 46-141.
  5. Pay the $65 fee and the $8 service fee securely online.
  6. Visit a professional fingerprint collection location near you to have your prints scanned electronically.
  7. Field print will submit your fingerprints to the state electronically so that your results are returned quickly! The fingerprint card will then be mailed to your home (results take 4-6 weeks.)
  8. Send a copy of your fingerprint card to  

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