You gave Sophie courage. 

This is Sophie. She's 6. She was born in the Congo. She came to Arizona just last March. 

Sophie is a little shy. She's the smallest girl in her class. She's still learning English. She's a little unsure of herself. 

You sent her to summer camp, and she spent most of "Circus Week" sitting quietly on the bench, watching the other kids try tumbling tricks and cross a tightrope. On the last day, she wordlessly got up and took the teacher's hand. 

She walked over to the tight rope, and slowly started to cross it, with a sheepish grin on her face. 

You gave Sophie courage to cross the tightrope. You reminded her that she is braver than she thinks. 

Thank you for sending Sophie and dozens of other refugee students to summer camp. These programs give refugee students the extra support they need in the summer to practice their English, get a healthy lunch, and just be a kid. 

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