Simple Ways to Change the World

Register to vote. Follow these easy instructions to make sure you are registered and know how to vote. Elected officials make many decisions that directly impact the people that we serve - your voice can make a difference. 

Donate your old vehicle. Cars are especially appreciated by newly arrived refugees with new jobs and often long commutes on public transportation. Email for details. 

Advocate for vulnerable neighbors. Sign up for our advocacy e-alerts and follow issues that matter to you most. Make sure your elected officials understand your views by calling, writing, and visiting with them personally. 

Write a birthday card for a senior. Make or purchase a birthday card for an older adult in our Aging & Disability Services. Many of our clients don't get a lot of personal mail or birthday greetings. Send your cards to LSS-SW, Fund Development, 2502 E. University Drive, Suite #125, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Including an extra stamp is also appreciated. 

Volunteer. Every year, LSS-SW relies on the gifts and talents of thousands of people just like you to carry out our mission. Browse our volunteer openings to get started. 

Be a good neighbor. Ask a neighbor like an older adult or single parent if you can pick-up their groceries, clean the yard, or just stop by for friendly conversation. 

Purchase items from our Women's Empowerment Program. Support a refugee woman who is furthering herself and her family by purchasing a handmade item she has made.  

Give food or water to people living in homelessness. Keep extra water, snacks, or bus passes in your car to distribute to people you see on the street. 

Take advantage of employer incentives to volunteer. Many corporations have incentives for their employees to volunteer, including paid time off or even a cash match to LSS-SW. Find out what your workplace offers and take full advantage. 

Do good while you shop. Fry's, Amazon, and Thrivent Insurance all have simple programs that donate a small portion of your spending back to LSS-SW. Find more information here. 

Send a care package to a foster youth. Remember the excitement of getting a care package at camp or college? Oftentimes, teens in our foster program are overlooked or receive donations intended for younger children. All you have to do is box up a care package, ship it to our office, and we will make sure it is matched with a teen who needs it most. Popular items include candy and snacks, Starbucks gift cards and tumblers, hygiene products, cosmetics, motivational items or keepsakes, school supplies, and gift cards to Target, Walmart, or Amazon. Mail to: LSS-SW, Fund Development, 2502 E. University Drive, Suite #125, Phoenix, AZ 85034.