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How long is the commitment?

A typical sponsorship lasts 4-6 months with the idea of helping refugees become self-sufficient and to function effectively in their new community. You can then elect to sponsor a new family and begin the process again. 

How many people are typically on a team?

Aim to organize a group of 5-8 dedicated people. 

Is there a financial commitment?

A financial commitment is not required. Your team will select at least 3 of the following activities - some of which have financial implications. 

Do you have to be affiliated with a house of worship?

No, but church communities often have the resources and structure in place to make this model effective. The roots of this model were formed in Lutheran churches. Our Welcome Teams model has grown to include houses of worship of all faiths, community organizations, and private individuals. 

What is the Typical Family Like?

Welcome Teams are most often paired with families who need help the most, typically larger families with many children, and no other connections in Arizona. They come from a variety of countries and faith backgrounds - making it a unique experience! 

What are the primary responsibilities of a Welcome Team?

Welcome Teams will choose at least 3 activities that they commit to for each family. Many teams help setup an apartment before a refugee family arrives by collecting furniture and food. You might greet your refugee family at the airport and prepare a welcome meal. Welcome Teams also help with English tutoring, navigating public transportation, taking refugees to appointments, preparing a refugee for employment, and providing social interactions for refugees in their new community. 

A great way to start planning your Welcome Team is to learn more about refugees. We've compiled a list of our favorite resources for you to use in your learning! 

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