Be A Champion

Champions are a special group of volunteers that love to share their passion with others.

You're already excited about Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest. Become a Champion and share your passion with friends and family. You'll invite them to an exclusive Come and See Tour that you host, and our staff will do the work. Nobody is asked for money, and all future engagement is permission-based. So what are you waiting for? Become an LSS-SW champion today!

Champion Hall of Fame

Ali Al Miayahi
Richard Andersen
Paul Anderson
Linda Artac
Karen & Glenn Austad
Jayne Baker
Karen Bamford
Betty Brennan
Jim Brockmann
Christie Brown
Jason Browne
David Burge
Steve Cabrera
Carolyn & Dean     Chaussee
Alicia Clark
Pam Clark
Elizabeth Danielson
Kyle Dignoti
Susie Elliott
Terri Ewert
Paul Finley
Katie Ferenck
Arnold Frank
Adam Freden
Molly Gary
Angelica & Brenda Gerardo
Julie & Cindy Gerrish
Paul Gryniewicz
Carol Halverson
Gail & Doug Hamp
Bill & Mary Hansen
Luke Hennings
Glorianna Hunter
Dan Hoegar
Steve Holm
Karen Johnson
April Jones
Suki Kisling
Bev Locke
Dick Loesch
Wendy Look
Marty Lozano
Janie Magruder
Linda Manjarrez
Fran Marian
Kyle Mickel
Margaret Moes de Zamora
Tamora Muir
Susan Nyhusmoen
Tracy Outlaw
Lynne Prahl
Jannelle Radoccia
Linda & Rich Radwick
Barb Rapp
Steve Rees
Marilyn Riggs
Bill Rindy
Ormal Saathoff
Robert Sanders
Glenn Schrader
Ann Skidmore
Don & Mary Smith
John Stieve
Jane Strain
Brad VenHuizen
Barbara Williams
Karen Wilson