Dignity and Love in Nogales

Healing and faith often go hand-in-hand. Jesus traveled to many villages and towns bringing physical and spiritual healing as he went. 

You continue this tradition today in our  Home Care Services, particularly in rural and small communities, where options are very limited. 

Griselda and Gabriel Castillo of Nogales came to us for home care services about ten years ago.  In her seventies and living with MS, Griselda was unable to leave her wheelchair and needed help every day with basic personal care. She later survived a stroke and Gabriel passed away, leaving 84-year-old Griselda alone, very depressed, and unable to care for herself. 

Because of your support, Griselda’s caregiver Patricia comes over every day. After Patricia has helped with personal care, Griselda will spend the morning sitting underneath her favorite tree nestled in the foothills, while Patricia might change the sheets or mop the floor. 

“Every time that Patricia comes over, the happiness comes. She makes me feel better. I thank God for Patty.”
They finish the morning with lunch and reading the Bible together, her dog, Chata, protectively at her feet. 

Thank you for shining God’s light and love on Griselda. You give her the community that God intends – the friendship of a caregiver, the warmth of the sun, the companionship of her loving pet. 

God needs our hands and hearts to heal his people across Arizona. You send caregivers into homes in Nogales, Cottonwood, Globe, Sierra Vista, Payson, and so many other communities that can be overlooked. Thank you.