Every morning, Don goes for a walk in the park with his best dog friend Oscar. At 77-years-old, Don copes with medical conditions that stem from being shot in the knee during his time in the Air Force in Vietnam. 

Although he enjoys the fresh air, the walks are not for leisure, but to collect cans that help him make ends meet. His modest veteran benefits are not enough to cover his basic living expenses, and he lost his life savings after a bad investment when the stock market crashed. His son has Downs syndrome and lives in a group home, while his daughter lives in Wisconsin with her family. 

Don appreciates the 5 meals that are delivered to his home every week from LSS-SW Pima Meals on Wheels. He values the nutrition that they provide him, saying that the alternative would often be the Burger King that is down the street. 

Don wishes that he had money to donate to Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, but wants to thank the donors that make these meals possible. When asked about common misconceptions about aging, he replies “I don’t know how to be old. I don’t want to know how to be old.”

You feed Don in body and in spirit. You help him rest easily during the day, knowing that he will have a healthy meal for dinner. Thank you.