This is Donata. She recently arrived in Arizona from Uganda with her husband and 5 kids, ranging in age from 2 to 15. She doesn’t read or speak English.

With your help, Donata and her husband found a job working at a bakery. Because of the bus schedule, they must often leave two hours early to get to work, and spend up to 12 hours outside of the home.

One evening, Donata was riding the bus home from work when the driver unexpectedly stopped and evacuated the bus. Donata was miles from home, unable to understand where she was or where to go.

She calls the only number that she knows - a friend in Uganda. 

Michelle, a volunteer church sponsor of Donata's family, is at home and receives a call from a Ugandan man who tries to explain in English that his friend Donata is lost somewhere near an airport.

Worried, Michelle searched for bus routes between Donata's house and her work, and drove to the bus stop that is nearest an airport. She circled the streets, relieved to find Donata free from harm.

Refugees arrive in Arizona everyday - and with the help of a fragile net of kindness by people like Michelle, they rebuild their lives. Thank you for welcoming the stranger.

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