Advocate for refugees by February 17

February 12, 2016

We are very concerned about House Bills 2370, 2691, and 2682. These bills seek to study the refugee resettlement process, give Arizona greater control over who comes to the state, and to require the licensing of refugee facilities. We will be closely monitoring their progress. 

The United States refugee resettlement program has a sophisticated and multi-layered approach to vetting any prospective refugee prior to entering our country. Indeed, refugees are the most highly screened population that enter the United States. The current screening process often takes years to complete and includes face-to-face interviews, database checks and biometrics by the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Department of Defense and multiple intelligence agencies.

Refugee Resettlement is a bi-partisan program with a proven track record. Since 1975, 3 million refugees have been settled in the United States, without a single incidence of terrorism. 

A duplication of this process presents unnecessary regulation and expense. Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest provides no services that require licensing. 

We welcome questions and concerns from State Lawmakers who wish to learn more about these refugees, who are demonstrating their ability to succeed in their new lives and contribute to the fabric of American society. 

Take Action by February 17:

Write an email to the committee members asking them to vote "no" on these bills. Please feel free to customize them. 

Sign in against this bill by Requesting to Speak. This is a two step process that does not require actually "speaking" to the committee.

  1. Complete the "Request to Speak Sign Up Form" and email to You will receive a confirmation email when your account has been registered. 
  2. Sign into the "Request to Speak" page of the Arizona Legislature, find the relevant upcoming committees (Federalism and States Rights, and Government and Higher Education), and register your position. 

Come to the hearings to sign your support in person. LSS-SW staff will be there to assist you.

Federalism and States Rights Committee
Wednesday February 17 at 9 am
Arizona State Capitol
 1700 W Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Government and Higher Education Committee
Thursday February 18 at 9 am
Arizona State Capitol
 1700 W Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007