Reception and Welcome

In 2018, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol processed more than 107,000 migrant families seeking asylum and protection. With ICE lacking the capacity for growing asylee numbers, families have been released to churches in Phoenix for temporary and transitional shelter until they are capable of traveling to their final destination. Currently, there are not enough churches to accommodate the increasing numbers of asylum-seekers, and these families are being released on the street and at bus stations, with no means to continue their journey.

How Can i help?

Become a Church Shelter Site

While families await transportation, Phoenix churches work to offer reception and welcome following release from detention, and ensure the provision of all basic necessities for 1-3 days. LSS-SW offers faith and civic organizations the opportunity to create shelters in their facilities that would house and serve the basic needs of asylum seeking families for this period of time, or work in partnership with a hosting church to support their shelter and accommodation efforts. Interested in offering your support? Click Here! (En español)



Donations support asylees from their arrival in Phoenix to their bus ride to family in america. From medical supplies at church shelter sites to travel backpacks, every donation helps, including:

Medical kits, Snack bags, Hygiene items, clothing, cleaning supplies, and paper products.



Volunteers are urgently needed for shelter set-up, volunteer check-in, food service, travel assistance (bilingual preferred), driving/escorting, security, shelter breakdown, and much more. If you are interested in being a part of the Reception and Welcome team in a volunteering role, sign up here! (En español)


VISIt our host church resource page to get started!

Eager to get started? Visit our host church resource page (coming soon!) for training documents, links, and more information.