Arriving on angels wings

see how See how your generosity builds Perpetue’s foundation to thrive.

Perpetue was born in a small village in Sudan, but her family was forced to flee to a refugee camp when she was 13.

Life in the camp was not easy and her parents did not survive. But Perpetue was determined to make the most of the situation.

After being in the camp for over 20 years, her fate finally changed when she received word she had been approved for resettlement. She arrived in November 2016 with her three children (ages 17, 14, 5) who had never known a life outside of the refugee camp.

Although she was excited to arrive in Phoenix, she was very scared.

But your passion for service changed her life. Because of your generosity, Perpetue and her family were welcomed by a network of support including an apartment, school enrollment, and employment services, where she successfully
found a job at a pizza restaurant.

My children have a future!

Perpetue is most excited about the opportunities. that her kids now have. She is so happy that they have a home with food on the shelves, running water, and electricity, and most importantly, can attend school.

Because of you Perpetue is no longer the person she once was. Her experience of survival and moving to the U.S. has built a foundation of confidence, strength, and hope that you make possible. By supporting LSS-SW, you’re providing
critical services.

Started by Lutherans in 1970, and we’re not going anywhere.

2017 hasn’t been an easy year in refugee resettlement. Due to circumstances beyond our control, refugee arrivals have decreased by more than 50%. That means that hundreds of people like Perpetue and her children will not have the chance to enter our doors. Our hearts weep with yours. That’s why your support for refugees is needed now more than ever. To continue to walk with refugees who have come on their journey of resettlement. Thank you.