Host a Refugee Action Team

Invite your community to learn about refugees, refugee resettlement in the United States, and engage in advocacy efforts for this cause. The President, Congress, and our local State legislature have the ability to drastically cut the number of refugees allowed into the United States. With more than 20 million refugees in the world today, we believe the United States should honor its heritage as a country of immigrants and its proud tradition of humanitarianism and continue supporting the resettlement of large numbers of refugees. Our local, state, and federal representatives need to hear support from their constituents and know that America supports refugees.

Download a planning sheet

How to make it happen: Review the “How to Help Refugees in the United States” guide to learn basic information about refugees. Explore the links provided and learn even more. Next, talk with your community connections and find who wants to learn more about refugees. 

Before the action party: In advance of the party, please notify a Lutheran Social Services staff member of your plans.  Contact us in Phoenix or in Tucson. Then, invite your friends! You could send invitations by mail, send an email invitation, or create a Facebook “event” with the date, location, time, and event information. Share the “How to Help Refugees in the United States” document with attendees before the event.

  • Sample invitation
  • Sample bulletin/newsletter announcement
  • Sample PowerPoint slide
  • Sample social media posts

During the party: Show a documentary highlighting the plight of refugees, such as the White Helmets (Syria), Virunga (Democratic Republic of Congo), or God Grew Tired of Us (South Sudan). Air the “This American Life” podcast that walks the listener through the refugee resettlement process. Make calls to your senators and representatives or write letters in support of refugee resettlement.

Take pictures during your event and share on social media. Tag Refugee Focus and Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, LSS-SW. Share information about refugees, such as our “How to Help Refugees in the United States” document.

After the party: Consider other ways to be involved. You could:
•    Attend a Come & See  tour for an overview of the LSS-SW mission and services
•    Make a financial donation to LSS-SW
•    Take up an offering or collection at your place of worship or community group
•    Volunteer at LSS-SW
•    Engage your group as a refugee co-sponsor
•    If a member of Thrivent Financial, use choice dollars for LSS-SW, or ask for a community grant