Getting Settled In Our New Home

This page is a running list of commonly asked questions about the move and will be updated on a regular basis. It is intended for internal use only. Please bookmark it for future reference. If you’d like to submit a question not listed here, please use the form below and a member of the A-team will answer it shortly!

What is the official address and phone number?
2502 E. University Drive, Suite 125, Phoenix, AZ 85034. The main phone number is 480-396-3795.

Where can I park? Where can visitors park?
Staff and visitors may park in any uncovered parking spot. Company vehicles will be issued an assigned covered parking spot.

How do I direct visitors to the new office?
Sample directions coming soon!

How do I book a shared space (including conference rooms, classrooms, and huddle rooms?)
Fear not, we are here to help! Until further notice, David Morehouse, Fran Prisco, and a newly hired receptionist will manage scheduling requests. We are exploring other options but want to get a sense of how the space will be used first.

What if I have a suggestion or request for decor or furniture in a shared space?
Use the form below and your suggestion or request will be reviewed by the A-team. Please understand that there are financial and spacial restrictions that limit what we can implement immediately. It is extremely important that all staff have what they need to be successful and happy in the new office.

How do I order updated business cards, nametags, stationary, or other marketing materials?
Orders must be approved by your supervisor. Approved printed materials such as business cards are ordered through the online portal (your supervisor will order these for you.) Magnetic nametags are ordered by Joanna Kitts.

What will happen to mail sent to our former address?
Mail will be forwarded to our new address. If you receive an important piece of mail that has been forwarded from a previous address, please notify the sender personally of the new address and ask them to update their records.

Do you have communications templates I can use to notify others of the move?
Yes. These are saved in the Shared Drive under the “Co-Location for Phoenix 2018” folder.

How do I update my email signature?
Instructions here for staff impacted by the move.

Instructions here for staff not impacted by the move.

How do I update my voicemail?
Coming soon!

Do you have a directory of the updated staff phone numbers?
Here are extensions of staff at the new offices.

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