12.13.18 - Due to an overwhelming response, our Christmas Wishes goals have been met! If you are still finishing your pajama drive, please know that your pajamas will be well appreciated by an LSS-SW client in need.

Christmas Wishes

For Older Adults

It’s nice to know that somebody cares. It would be delightful to have a surprise this Christmas.
- Nancy, 76, Payson

The Christmas season does something special. It unites us in tradition. It gives us hope for peace on earth.

But every year, there are thousands of “invisible” neighbors who are completely forgotten during the holidays. For homebound older adults, the holiday season can be a lonely time. Some struggle with grief, isolation, and depression.

Many that we serve live in rural communities where other providers won’t go, and the poverty level is extremely high.

Toy drives come pouring in for children, but many of the older adults we serve don’t receive anything. Some scrape together what they can to buy Christmas gifts for loved ones, putting their own necessities on hold.

This year, you can join our Christmas Wishes campaign and change the life of an older adult in Arizona. Our goal is to give all 860 older adults that we serve a new pair of pajamas this Christmas. And, to deliver these gifts in person (in addition to an activity like playing a game or hanging some simple Christmas decorations) to the most vulnerable and isolated in rural communities that we know do not have family to celebrate the season with.

Below are the ways that you can help. Thank you for remembering older adults as you plan your holiday giving.