No Place Else To Go

Not all teens have a family to rely on. But your support changes that

Today, a child or teen will be removed from her home.

Like Emily, who was 12 when her mother died.

When the Department of Child Services came to take her into state care, she was hungry, tired, and scared.

She spent 4 years moving between group homes and foster homes, and was separated from her sisters. Emily has special needs, and there weren’t a lot of families able to foster her.

Her life changed when she moved in with Caren and Ismael, who have been fostering her for 1 year and officially adopted her on November 18, 2017, National Adoption Day.

“I’m not a disability, I’m Emily. I’m not defined by labels, I define myself. My parents understand that and love me,” says Emily.

As many as 50% of youth who age out of foster care (without being adopted) are likely to become homeless. You don’t just need a family for childhood. You need it for a lifetime.

The good news is, it’s never too late. You can give a teen like Emily a family. A lifetime of Thanksgivings, birthdays, love and laughter. Your gift Giving Tuesday gift supports recruitment and training of new foster families, as well as prevention services that decrease the amount of children entering foster care.

Our goal is to raise $130,000 by December 31, so that we can continue to bolster our foster care services, and care for others in need.

Adoption isn’t without pain or loss. But your support ensures that teens have a place to go. Thank you.