Get Started On Your Diaper Drive

Download promotional materials to get started!


Why are diapers in high demand?
Diapers and/or incontinence supplies cost an average of $100/month. People in poverty might stretch their supplies longer by re-using or going without, leading to rashes and other illnesses. Our clients have access to resources like food more readily than supplemental diapers. 

What kind of diapers should we collect?
New, unopened, disposable diapers for children and adults in all sizes. We tend to receive more donations of smaller sizes, so we would especially request larger children sizes and adult sizes. 

Where do we bring our donations?
Contact us to schedule your delivery.

Can we donated related items like toys and clothes?
Right now, our biggest need is new, unopened adult and children's diapers. If you'd like to host a drive for a different item, see our wishlist here. 

Tips and ideas to get started!

  • Host a diaper drive to celebrate a special holiday, anniversary, or ministry team. 
  • Organize a diaper drive team and create fellowship with community members in planning together. 
  • Purchase re-usable grocery bags with your church logo and encourage congregants to bring them back filled with diaper donations.
  • Purchase a Pac-N-Play and set it up your lobby to collect donations. You can donate the Pack-N-Play to a foster or refugee family when you are finished.
  • Create a visual display with your donations in your sanctuary.
  • Set a goal and make a thermomter to track your progress
  • Take lots of pictures and report back to your congregation on your success (and share them with us!)
  • Are you a Thrivent member? Create an Action Team project to get some extra resources for your diaper drive!