LSS-SW Gift Guide 2017

Christmas is the perfect time of year to open our hearts to those in need. After the turkey has been carved, the tree has been lit, and we gather with those we love, a familiar energy sets in. We remember just how blessed we are.  And how good life has been to us this year.

For others that we serve at LSS-SW, Christmas can be quite different. A foster teen unwraps the only gift she'll receive this year, to discover it's a doll intended for a child much younger. A refugee father will have to choose between buying the work uniform he needs and sending his son to school in donated shoes that are two-sizes too big. A senior who's been on the waiting list for a caregiver will go another month without bathing, for fear of slipping in the shower. 

Generous people like you,that are filled with the holiday spirit, can make a real impact for others that are hurting during the holidays. As your holiday unfolds, here are three ways that you can unwrap Christmas kindness for neighbors in need. 

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Gift card drive

Every year, thousands of people across Arizona are completely forgotten during the holidays. Toy drives give gifts to children under 12, but there are so many others that are overlooked :

  • Teens in foster care are often forgotten, or receive toys that are intended for children much younger. 
  • Refugees get an outpouring of support of children's Christmas presents, when many don't observe Christmas and are struggling to meet basic needs like hygiene supplies or work uniforms. 

But you can help change that with a gift as simple as a gift card. 


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Gifts that give back

Sick of buying Christmas presents for people that have all they need, plus more? Consder a gift to LSS-SW, to fund projects that make a real difference, and we'll send your loved one a beautiful holiday card showing them the exact number of people they've helped because of you. 




After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday. On November 28, join us for this global day that launches a holiday season of giving. This year, our goal is to raise $30,000 in order to be a light for those in need in 2018. This is a great chance to make sure you've made your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit gift before the end of 2017. 

Additionally, if we reach our goal by midnight, we'll receive an extra $5,000 challenge gift!