A New Chance

Once in constant danger and living in fear as a refugee, see how your generosity gives Ali a strong foundation to thrive. 

Ali was born in 1992, not long after the end of the first Iraqi war. His dad was a veterinarian and they lived a comfortable life just outside of Baghdad.

All that changed. His father had taken a job with an international organization based in the U.S. Meanwhile, his older brother had gone to work as an interpreter for the U.S. military. Word of the family’s ties to America spread and sparked anger. Neighbors turned on them. “They considered us traitors,” Ali said.

The anger boiled over one night in 2005 when an armed group attacked their home. “We heard shots. It was so loud,” Ali said. “They were shooting our house and yelling, ‘Death to America.’ Iraqi police were called but it was the U.S. military that came to the rescue. They sent 10 to 15 Humvees,” Ali said.

Thus began a long, frightening journey in search of safety. They spent several years in danger, including bomb threats, and cloaked in secrecy, out of fear others would discover their ties to the United States.

Ali was 19 when word came that their resettlement to Arizona as refugees had been approved. Now 25, Ali smiles broadly describing his family’s transformation. Ali is a banker and is eager to pay your generosity forward by actively volunteering, hosting drives, and inviting his friends to learn about LSS-SW.

He can’t imagine what would have come of them, and the 1,300 other refugees resettled through LSS-SW, without the help they received from kind friends like you.

“It was like having a family here,” Ali says. “They pretty much extended their arms and said, ‘Let us show you the way.’”

Your Giving Tuesday gift provides critical services to refugees like Ali. Thank you.