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“Do you have to be Lutheran to receive services from LSS-SW?”

This is a question that I get asked all of the time, and it always surprises me. Would we really be a nonprofit grounded in Christ’s love if we put qualifiers on who we served?

At LSS-SW, we follow our call to do the holy work of Christ on earth. Welcoming the stranger, feeding the hungry, caring for children and older adults with nobody to turn to. Our vision is a just world where everyone can fulfill their basic needs. And “everyone” includes those that often slip through the cracks. Parents who have reached the ultimate rock bottom of having their children removed by child welfare. Neighbors in homelessness who struggle with addiction, mental illness, or have faced abuse. Refugees and immigrants of all races and religions. Older adults in their homes that have nobody to care for them.

This holy work is only possible because of you. You have made it possible to continue serving these children of God at a time when these gifts are critical. Government contracts are continuing to shrink, needs are on the rise, and administrative policies have changed the way we work.

You respond with the care and compassion of Christ, making it possible to respond to these changing times and evolving needs. And for that, I am deeply grateful.

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