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Refugee Focus

Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest (LSS-SW) Refugee Focus Division is dedicated to helping refugees establish new lives in Arizona.  LSS-SW maintains offices in Phoenix and Tucson that provide both refugee resettlement services and immigration services.

Refugee Resettlement Services

Refugees are men, women, and children who are forced to flee their homes, leaving behind all they have known for an uncertain future.  They are unable to return to their homelands for fear of persecution due to their race, gender, religion, nationality, or membership in a social or political group.  Refugees are among the most vulnerable of all immigrants fleeing countries that have been ravaged by civil strife or war.

The United States government agrees to receive and resettle a presidentially-determined number of refugees each year.

The agency’s experience in resettling refugees spans three decades.  During that time, thousands of refugees have begun new lives with the assistance of volunteers, church congregations, and a resettlement staff that reflects the diversity of arriving refugee populations and is fluent in more than two dozen languages.

Refugees come from troubled nations throughout the world that include Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Burundi, Congo, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Rwanda, Somalia, and Sudan.

Comprehensive resettlement and adjustment services are provided with an emphasis on  helping refugee families access the necessary resources to become self-sufficient and successfully integrate into their new communities as quickly as possible.  With national and local support, refugees receive the basic necessities for starting life anew.

Partners in relocation and resettlement
LSS-SW works closely with church co-sponsors, community groups and family anchors as partners.

Organizations such as Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, Church World Service, and Episcopal Migration Ministries support the relocation of these families from hot spots throughout the world.

You can make a difference as a volunteer, donor, or as a congregation
Material donations:  In fleeing their homes, refugees have lost most of their possessions.  You can help by donating gently used furniture, household goods and new personal care items. Please contact:

Phoenix: Kerim Abadalecha
602-248-4400 x.119
Tucson: Omer Kreso
520-721-4444 x.31


Financial contributions: Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more can make an amazing difference in our ability to provide food, clothing, shelter, transportation and support to refugee families. Your gift in any amount is deeply appreciated.

Church co-sponsorship: Congregations can help in a variety of ways by donating their time, skills and resources. Your church can help rebuild lives and encourage those in need by extending the hand of friendship. Refugee families need friends! Please contact:

Phoenix:Donna Buckles
602-248-4400 x.117
Tucson:Nicolle Trudeau
520-721-4444 x.13


Job development: Businesses are invited to join other Arizona employers who are willing to add refugees to their workforce. Please contact:

Phoenix:Danny Vo
602-248-4400 x.207
Tucson:Bryan Kaplan
520-721-4444 x.26


Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to help organize donation drives and solicit additional resources. Individuals are needed to take families shopping, to teach basic English language skills, and to help orient refugees to American culture. Please contact:

Phoenix:Andrea Trifunovic
602-248-4400 x.133
Tucson:Nicolle Trudeau
520-721-4444 x.13


Immigration Services

Immigration Services are provided to refugees and asylees to assist them in achieving independence and stability in the United States.  The primary immigration services include adjustment of permanent residency status, citizenship, travel documents, and family reunification petitions.  The resettlement program has accredited representatives on staff that are recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to provide legal advice and legal service on immigration issues with refugees and asylees.

Phoenix Office

3443 N. Central Avenue
North Rotunda
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Tucson Office

5049 E. Broadway Blvd. #126
Tucson, AZ 85711


Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest will make reasonable accommodations to all persons with a disability so that they may participate in program services or activities.

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Refugee & Immigration

Refugee & Immigration

Refugee & Immigration

Refugee & Immigration