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Refugee Focus

Welcoming the Stranger

For more than thirty years, LSS-SW has served some of the world’s most persecuted people living right here in Tucson and Phoenix. Violence and armed conflict chase millions of people from their homes, their families, and their countries, forcing them to seek safety in other countries around the world.

Honoring a proud identity as a nation of immigrants, the United States has welcomed refugees and asylees throughout its history. Every year, the President and the State Department identify global regions in which people have an exceptional need for protection outside of their home countries. These refugees and asylees are then invited to resettle in the “land of opportunity,” in a nation that cherishes the value of uplifting the oppressed.


Side by side with volunteers and community co-sponsors, LSS-SW resettles approximately 1,000 refugees each year as they strive toward previously unknown goals, strengthen newfound bounds, and courageously rebuild their lives. Services include:

  • Pre-arrival housing 
  • Case management
  • English classes
  • Navigating transportation and basic public services
  • Employment support
  • After-school activities and tutoring for children
  • Programs to develop self-sufficiency and skills for women
  • Immigration services


CENTER is a hub for refugee students, parents, teachers, schools, volunteers, and other nonprofits that work with them across Tucson. Click here to learn more about CENTER.