Dear LSS-SW Staff and Volunteers:

Thank you for uniting with us to make Arizona Gives Day a success for our most fragile populations in Arizona. Below are some templates to get you started. Please feel free to make edits as needed - you are welcome to personalize and infuse your own ideas. 

Thank you for being a blessing to those in our community. You are amazing!


Staff Appreciation Prizes

Optional Donation Processing Form

Outreach Materials:

Sample Flyer

Sample Postcards

Sample Poster

Sample Emails

Sample Letter

Sample Ask Script

#GiveBoldly Sign


Arizona Gives Day Blue

Arizona Gives Day White

Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest

For houses of worship:

Sample bulletin text

Sample powerpoint slide

Thank you powerpoint slide

Thank you text

Materials from the kick-off parties:



Instructions for Creating a Campaign Page

Try It Tuesday! Recordings

March 7 - Attitude of Abundance Recording
Whether you realize it or not, you are connected to a network of people who care about the work that we do. Learn about the attitude of abundance and start thinking of who you will be inviting to join Arizona Gives Day. 

March 14 @ 9 am - Telling Your Story
LSS-SW program staff are actually some of the most critical voices in sharing our mission. Learn how to share your story and pitch so that your audience will be connected to our cause.  

March 21 @ 9 am - Simple Steps for Asking
Find yourself nervous about asking for gifts? We’ll practice the ask and give you some simple strategies that will lead to success. 

March 28 @ 9am - Leveraging the Website
Get an overview of the Arizona Gives Day website. Learn tips and tricks for setting up your fundraiser page. See how a practice donation works so that you will be an expert at helping others use the website. 


The login information is unique for each call. Contact to get the login information.