What unique gift do you bring to Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest? 

It’s a highlight of my work to meet so many passionate individuals who all come
together for a singular purpose. To serve neighbors in need. 

Whether you bring humility, compassion, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, or another gift, you are a vital part of this work. Your varied and valuable gifts of the Spirit come together to do amazing things. 

Throughout this report,  you will see how your gifts have stabilized lives, built self-reliant foundations, and preserved dignity for our most vulnerable neighbors in 2017. 

We are still learning how to do this work in a changing environment. But God has provided through you. In 2017, we hosted our Inaugural Building Foundations Luncheon, where we officially launched the Creating Community Society, and reached 50 members with an extraordinary level of commitment and compassion. 

Thank you for sharing your gifts with those among us most in need of your love. 
It is because of your faithful contributions that we are able to meet the needs of children without a home, refugees seeking safety, seniors who live in isolation, individuals with disabilities, the hungry, and the homeless. 

Your gifts matter. Thank you for sharing them. 

View the 2017 Annual Report Here

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